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We are grateful that the vision of UNLEASHED came to life through us to give us an opportunity to serve. After experiencing over a decade of refuge and after the experience gained in the journey, we stand in the belief that being a refugee is not a disability; it is a status that can be transformed into an opportunity for growth, resilience, and contribution. Refugees, like every individual on this planet, are brimming with untapped potential. With the right support and empowerment, this potential can shine brightly, not only benefiting those who carry it but also the host countries and communities that embrace it. The journey for a refugee often presents three options: repatriation, resettlement, or integration, however, these paths are far from guaranteed. For many, repatriation may be distant or impossible, given the social and economic disconnection from their home countries. Resettlement, too, is a rare privilege giving less than 2% of refugees the chance to find this pathway. Integration, the third option, is not always smooth. It carries requirements and obstacles that often discourage those seeking a new beginning. At UNLEASHED envisions a world where refugees are not just recipients of aid, but active participants in their own destiny, our core mission is to empower refugees to become not just survivors, but resilient contributors, regardless of whether they find themselves on the path of repatriation, resettlement, or integration. We seek to have the narrative surrounding refugees rewritten. Rather than viewing them through the lens of burden or threat, refugees need to be seen as a unique opportunity for the host country and the world through their actions. Their diverse skills, cultural richness, and spirit can be instrumental in shaping a more vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic community. Marginalized communities, too often forgotten and left behind, hold immense potential for transformation. UNLEASHED has demonstrated that even in the most challenging environments, like refugee settlements, people can ignite change within their own communities. We work to empower local individuals, guiding them to design sustainable, innovative solutions to address the unique challenges they face. Join us in our journey to empower, uplift, and create a world where refugees and marginalized communities are seen for their potential, not their status. With determination and hope,
Sustainable and resilient refugees and host communities.
We empower and educate youth and women from refugee and host communities by unlocking their leadership abilities and hidden potentials, transforming their mindset and catalysing social entrepreneurship to create and increase employment opportunities.
1. God:
Guided by faith, we hold steadfast in our commitment to positive impact with love, responsibility and integrity.
2. Excellency:
We strive for excellence in all we do, raising the bar for ourselves and our communities.
3. Innovation:
4. Over-Delivery:
Going beyond expectations, we deliver outcomes that create lasting change.
5. Continuous Learning:
Embracing growth, we foster a culture of learning to keep growing and innovating.
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Co_Founder and Managing Director

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Emmanuella GIHOZO

Finance Manager and Accountant

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Community Engagement & Mobilization

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Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning & Improvement Officer

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