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Unleashed catalytic programs have been able to help youth gain confidence, take life positively, be more responsible toward themselves, their community, and toward Africa becoming more honorable and valuable. The youth who were idle embraced leadership by creating initiatives that take care of or employ hundreds of fellow youth and family members, other youths, especially young women have gained confidence which helped them to acquire jobs and make a positive impact.

Some Enterprises Emerged from UNLEASHED


Patient Baraka

Patient Baraka became refuge in Uganda in 2016, leaving behind his homeland. His dream of becoming a medical doctor, inspired by his grandfather, faced challenges as he grappled with a language barrier and the struggle to catch up with his peers after joining a secondary school in the refugee settlement. "I lost hope of my dream," he recalls.
In 2018, the horizon opened as UNLEASHED entered the scene of his life, offering empowerment through leadership, entrepreneurship, and business development. Patient seized the opportunity, earning a scholarship that would alter his trajectory. Rediscovering his purpose and guided by business mentors, he embarked on a transformative journey. Patient's vision converged with his childhood aspirations, leading to the birth of Botanica Repellent. This innovative social business produces a mosquito-repellent jelly crafted from organic ingredients, capable of repelling mosquitoes for over six hours. Botanica. has got awards such as the Social Impact Award, Wezesha Impact Award, SUN Family Pitch Event, Shine Grant, Because International Award, and Global Refugee Youth Network recognition and have rised more than 25,000 USD and his business employing more than 8 full time employees and 4 part-timers.

Bahati Buhendwa

Bahati Buhendwa's journey was rife with uncertainty and unfulfilled potential. Dropping out of school, he found solace in the melody of music and dance. Yet, his future remained clouded, and his self-identity wasn't clear. UNLEASHED entered Bahati's life as a beacon of transformation, helping him uncover the power of his talents and their potential to shape lives. Guided by the empowerment received from UNLEASHED, Bahati initiated the Refugees Global Talent initiative in 2018, and since then he committed to nurturing the talents of fellow youth. Through Bahati's efforts, three impactful festivals blossomed within refugee settlements, uniting over 6,000 people. With newfound confidence, he now navigates conversations with business leaders, discussing opportunities for young refugee talents.

Fabian Shema

Born in Uganda but a refugee from Rwanda, Fabian embarked on a journey of education, attaining a bachelor's degree in Social Sciences. His path was marked by a quest for opportunities. In the midst of uncertainities, Fabian joined UNLEASHED, seeking to enhance his business acumen and support his father's school. However, UNLEASHED did more than he anticipated. It transformed Fabian's perspective, unlocking a world of opportunities previously unseen. This shift in mindset led to the creation of Ripple Sacco, a refugee-focused financial services enterprise, tailored for the Nakivale population. Fabian's journey transformed learning through action, as he transitioned from theory to the startup phase, equipping himself with indispensable life skills and business knowledge. Ripple Sacco is serving more than 1000 refugees and is employing 7 staff.