BOTANICA makes an organic repellent element in the fight against Malaria

In Uganda, malaria is the most affecting and killing disease due to it being one of the sub-Saharan countries. According to the Health Ministry of Uganda, the most affected and victims are children below the age of 5 living in rural areas including refugee communities whereby every 2 minutes, a child dies. In refugee camps like Nakivale the number of victims is high because they don't access good medical facilities that can help them prevent malaria disease and the more they don't get good treatment the more their lives are exposed. The families in refugees communities have low financial stability which can't enable the parents to look after their kids.


BOTANICA products are organic mosquito repellent body jelly. These products are manufactured with organic essential oils that repel mosquitos for six hours long but also contributes to the protection of the skin diseases. The main target are refugees children, pregnant mothers, and the elderly living below the poverty line but also to the tourists who visit rural areas.

BOTANICA also encourages women in vulnerable communities to plant some of the main ingredients like citronella, lemon balm and rosemary in their compounds and buys them from them at a favorable price to support them grow financially. It also sensitizes the rural community on how to protect against malaria