Moddahlys empowers and train young girls and women in hand skills (tailoring and craft) and educate them in sexual and reproductive health.

Women and girls in the Nakivale refugee camp have been victims of unemployment, poverty and different forms of violence that has led a big number in unnecessary and early pregnancies where by many are left single mothers under a solo struggle of life.

Moddahlys equips the girls and women with tailoring and craft skills that enable them to create businesses around them and earn a living out of them. When a beneficiary enters into Moddahlys, they come out being able to make different fashion in tailoring and craft. The girls learn, practice, produce and innovate marketable products.


In 2019, Moddahlys reached and trained more than 500 women and girls within Nakivale in their respective villages through a mobile tent unit education program together with stakeholders and in some villages, groups of production were created.

Moddahlys produces reusable sanitary pads that are freely distributed to female refugees because their need paramounts to the extent of having girls and women who undergo menstruation without any protection, beneficiaries testified. In response to COVID-19, Moddahlys produced and distributed 500 masks to enable the movement of the population after the lockdown.