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UNLEASHED (Potentials in Motion)

We support the refugees and demeaned youth in the refugee settlements create own opportunities in term of social enterprises while benefiting their society and their environment through retooling, self- discovery, skills development and social entrepreneurship in a self-organized and self-governed body.


Yosan ANGOSOM, scholar

"The sharing at Unleashed has taught me a lot of things I cannot even describe. Ir is a lovely and welcoming community"

Armand BUHENDWA, Founder Refugees Global Talent

Armand l
"Before I join Unleashed, I never knew myself and what I can do but joining Unleashed helped me to discover my potentials and how I can put them in motion"

Monica CIZA, Co-founder GoSoapy

"Unleashed has is a help to me and a family, from there I knew who I was"

Angel IRENGE, scholar

Angel I
"Unleashed is a family for me and through it I was able to overcome my fear and have grow my confidence and became productive.
  • UNLEASHED is a home for me, a place to expand my mind and explore my potentials.