The Vision



UNLEASHED (Potentials in Motion) empowers and educate young refugees in self-discovery, skill development, retooling and social entrepreneurship to create self-sustainable refugee communities.

The problems

Thousands of people flee from their home countries every day to spare their lives and embracing uncertainty in new countries leaving behind all they had. The refugee issue is a serious matter all over the world and mostly in Africa because of political and social-economic instability. Uganda is now a home to 1,1 million of refugees according to UNHCR with 75% unemployment of young Ugandans which makes obvious the high % of unemployment for the refugees from Congo RD, South Sudan, Burundi, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Rwanda who live in Uganda under the support of UNHCR that only provide survival food ratio. On top of lack of jobs, a huge number of young people are not accessing education or other opportunities for their lives and the only hope has been the resettlement, a minimal chance that is not guaranteed and can only be access to 2% of the refugees. The mindset developed has created unproductivity and a big potential is lost.

The solution as contribution

Unleashed (PiM) gives an opportunity for job creation and sustainability to the youth in Nakivale refugee settlement by giving them a free learning space where they are empowered to create solutions to their personal and community challenges and enable them to be changemakers of their lives and communities with the slogan:
"I am the change I want to see”

The future

Nakivale has 28 villages in 3 zones with Basecamp at the center where UNLEASHED is located and Uganda has 7 refugee settlement with urban refugees in Kampala and Mbarara. Seeing the result UNLEASHED has brought in the youth at Basecamp, we envision to reach other zones within Nakivale and scale to other refugee settlement and urban communities. We believe that refugees know best their own problems and for this cause, they will also know best the solutions to solve them if they are given support.