After the start of Unleashed a big number of more or less than 100 wanted to join the scholarship but it wasn’t possible because of the limited resources available and from then time to time few are selected as scholars in the age range of 18 to 30 years old.

A majority of of the young refugees in Nakivale dropped school when fleeing to Uganda and have felt demotivated to continue because of hard conditions of learning they face and some who had joined schools stop hoping to continue if resettled abroad.

Another category is those who completed their advanced level from their home countries or in Uganda but cannot access University due to the impossibility to pay the fees.

This situation has created a limiting belief in the way that the majority of the young people in the settlement feel useless and the response to life when interviewed is: “there is nothing I can do in Nakivale or something similar.

Since when UNLEASHED started a new mindset has been created in the young people who join and the influence have crossed the borders of the UNLEASHED compound driven by the actions and impacts created by our members. It is now proved that a refugee can blossom if empowered with a suitable approach and within Unleashed, social enterprises, businesses are born, initiated and lead by the young refugees in form of their employment.


Because of the experience at SINA and OPPORTUNIGEE contexts, it was easy to adapt the model in a new context. Unleashed unfold the potentials of each of their scholars through progressive empowerment stages and self-management that help the scholars to find and determine their own path and put the potential of education in their own drive. The scholars create opportunities from the skills they develop, their passion or experience to make a sustainable living.

Most of the scholars who join are either traumatized by their past or current situation or are confused about what to do about their future which looks blurry in their eyes. The entrance stage program enables them to overcome limiting belief, discover and unleash their potentials, trauma heal, set goals etc. After, Unleashed is used as a learning by doing space, scholars take roles that drive the running operation of Unleashed and from there they grow experiences in different areas like leadership, management, and grow skills that useful and applicable for their future social ventures. Meanwhile, as they grow personally and professionally additional training are delivered and ideas start to emerge before diverging.

Through coaching and mentoring the scholars work on their ideas using the design thinking process and attending various professional training, bootcamps and acceleration programs to build and implement a sustainable business model. Through an established partnership with SINA and membership in its community of practice, the born enterprises access acceleration programs to boost their growth but also they access other similar outside opportunities.


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