Par-fruita grows fruits and provides nutritional training to fight against malnutrition in refugee families.

The community of Nakivale is surviving in terms of health due to malnutrition that is caused by poverty but also inaccessibility to balanced diets. Para-Fruita intend to transform Nakivale into a paradise of fruits and they do this by growing fruits seedlings in recycled plastic bottles in order to be transplanted in gardens and home gardens. .


Para-Fruita organizes dinners of fruits that gather participants from different communities and together they share fruits and knowledge around topics of nutrition and malnutrition. In the same event, the community is sensitized to live and eat healthy despite a refugee life.


The Passion Fruit

The first prototype of Par-Fruita is the growing of passion fruits and more than 450 seedlings have been planted and distributed under the care of families for home gardening. The production can later be added to the diet or be sold in case of a bulky production for self-sustainability.