Refugees Global Talent

Refugees Global Talent is an online platform for refugee youth to nurture and express their talents to the globe.
Nakivale has been a home thousands of refugees in Uganda, some of the youth came in and others were born in Nakivale, grown in Nakivale but the lives of the youth is a survivor because they have forgotten the potentials of their talents and gifts.
Refugees Global Talent breaks down the barriers of unproductive youth talents in refugee camps in Uganda. Since 2018, it has been a place of hope for talents, let it be for the development and the opportunities.


A self-organized space in refugees communities for youth talents developement, sharing and learning

In 2019 the has been an introduction of ARTIMA (Art in Motion Academy) in both Nakivale and Bidi Bidi and it has put RGT to another level. The community is the one in charge of everything, they construct, create guidelines of the space by and for themselves. Right now we have an ARTIMA in Nakivale refugee settlement and in Bidibidi and our RGT WhatsApp group enables the young talents to connect easily. The youth come and schedule practices, organizes performances and creates values. The amazing part of it has been how the Nakivale young talents have been
In Nakivale the ART IN MOTION ACADEMY has 45 youth who come together every week for training, meetings, and sessions. There are now different departments created among music, dance, comedy, and modeling and because of the empowerment got they have are now sharing their messages in the community in form of outdoor performances where hundreds of people gather whenever there is a show. Messages like ……. And ….. have been shared