The story

In 2014, Victor MAFIGI TURATSINZE met his artist friend from back senior 3 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who had grouped artists under NAKIVART from where young artists use art as a tool for trauma healing. Among the emblematic art of pieces they made was a bottled hat which attracted many people and tourist in the Nakivale camp.

In Dec 2015, together Victor and Patrick visited the Social Innovation Academy in Mpigi to see other bottle constructions. Meeting Etienne Salborn, being impressed with their work and initiative in the Nakivale refugee settlement, he proposed to join SINA.

In January 2016, they were officially members at SINA from where they founded Opportunigee which is the first opportunity hub within a refugee camp. From 2016 to 2017, the Oppotunigee hub had empowered more than 50 youth and had given birth to several projects and from an agreement, Victor scaled the vision in a new village trying new approaches of self-organization and self-governance as empowerment tools and there the idea of Unleashed started.

Starting from January 2018, Victor gathered some Nakivale youth whom together built their hope and hub in solidarity. In May, the operations had started officially with the support of their closest partner “SINA”. At the start, a number of supportive members had joined the team together with Amani Joel, a co-founder.