Are you interested to volunteer with Unleashed

Our scholars need support on their journey towards creating a viable enterprise. Are you interested in sharing your skills and knowledge? Your stay at Unleashed won't let you remain the same, you will become part of our community and experience social innovation and development in a refugee camp while contributing to the transformation of the lives of the refugees.
"Share your knowledge and skills to impact lives”

If you are experienced in business, psychology, marketing, sales, design, social entrepreneurship, videography, filmography, talent development, art, technology, design, event organization, organic farming, marketing, fundraising, finance or any other field you feel is relevant to UNLEASHED, then we are open to receive you as a volunteer/intern. Please send us an email and we will set a skype/whatsapp with you to get to know you better and see how you could add value to UNLEASHED and how UNLEASHED could add value to you.